Cost Control

Track Capital AFEs, field tickets and daily activities. Generate realtime budget and accrual reports.

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Asset Management

Track your fixed assets from cradle to grave. Single source of truth across all company departments and disciplines. Dispose of surplus and identify under-utilized equipment.

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Work Orders & Activities

Operations, Integrity, Projects and Management of Change all under one roof and linked to the common underlying assets.

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Take advantage of your pressure equipment integrity tracking requirements and extend this system to all your assets.

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Cost Control

Manage project from AFE generation to field tickets. Eliminate the error prone spreadsheets

Cost Breakdown Structures

Manage and utilize all your corporate major and minor codes. All expenditures are required to be coded against these.

Work Breakdown Structures

Breakout your budgets on your own work hierarchy of labour, materials etc. All expenditures are required to be coded against these.

Vendor Management

Track your approved vendors and control which are authorized to received orders and receive tickets from.


Build, issue and track your AFEs and export to any third-party system.


Purchase / Work / Change Orders, Invoices, Field Tickets and Accruals. Related expenditures are matched and automatically cancelled out.

Budget & Accrual Reports

Realtime tracking of budget performance and capital accruals.

Asset Management

Follow your assets from procurement to disposal.


Your locations can be tracked just like your related equipment and components.


Organize them by your existing area or business unit structure.


Inventory your equipment from fire extinguishers up to your sales compressors. Identify the equipment that can be used elsewhere or disposed of to free up capital for new programs or equipment.


Individual critical safety devices or process components requires a separate level of detail the associated packaged equipment.


Pipelines are a different class of asset but can (and should) be managed right along side all your other assets.

Material Transfers

Document and control the movement of your equipment and components between locations. All related data follows along automatically.

Work Orders & Activities

One system for all work orders of various types.

Work Orders

Create work orders for your inspections, checklists, and preventative maintenance tasks. Assign them to your team then document and track their progress.


Manage one-off events such as Projects and MOCs. These can have related tasks and the history and documentation follows the assets.


Keep track of the ever changing regulatory reporting requirements.

Audit Trail

Full transparency of the entire lifecycle of a given asset with detailed history of all related activities and documentation.


Your employees can keep the information on your assets current with comments and the ability to flag any asset when problems arise.

Core Features

Everything is included - no extra fees or add ons required.


Upload drawings, photos, spreadsheets to the cloud and they follow the location, asset, work order for life. This information is now available to everyone.


Keep valuable history and knowledge with your assets versus spread around in various different systems. Add new comments and reply to existing ones.


The entire lifecycle of your assets is documented from acquisition to disposal. Every action is tracked and available for review.

User Management

Grant access to as many or as few users as desired. There are no user based fees which allows everyone contribute. Our powerful but simple user authorization system can layer user permissions to suit your needs.

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